Game expertise – your way to earn money

Do you ever heard about game expertise? If not, I’m gonna tell you about it and make some clear points how to get paid for it.

I was regular guy and wanna pursue my dream – get salary form game industry. I love playing online games and I was doing this since I was 6 years old. So, the experience that I had was huge. So, as long as I was feeling a bit like no lifer, I wanna somehow handle my life and be happy. My solution was search the field where I have lots of knowledge, obviously it was online games. So, I found that I could teach others how to play and people are willing to pay for that (because after that they could bet and participate in eSports).

What you need to have if wanna share your experience?

  • First, u should have experience. So, don’t even try if you are just a beginner who is amazed by the idea that could earn money from that. People understand when u know what u are talking about and when u are just pretending.
  • Make your teaching plan that the players who pay for you will get relevant information that they need. Try to make every point that u make count.
  • U even could sell some online information about particular game. Tips are very welcome.
  • U need to have patience, because players need result that comes right away. However it’s not possible in most cases so be patient coz he/she pays for you and u make living from their money.

Good luck and don’t forget share your experience.