E-Commerce and global VAT compliance

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In this modern age, it’s no surprise that selling goods online is one of the fastest growing areas of retail. It’s a viable option for companies of all sizes and even independent sellers, whether it’s done through an independent website or an online marketplace. But what some businesses forget, as “1stopVAT” notes, is that there […]

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What is VAT technology and why is it important?

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First, what is VAT and what means global VAT compliance, vat return and other VAT related terms. VAT is a consumption tax that is added when one purchase goods or services. It is a fact that VAT is a very important term for business owners as they have to follow VAT rules and fill in […]

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Competition – why is it important in business?

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Competition as well as competition clearance in Lithuania and other countries is very important for any area of businesses, because it is good for both – business and customers. For business, especially that is just stepping into the international market, it can increase sales and acquire more customers if business adjust to market demands and […]

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3 rules before stepping into international market

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If you have just started your business, you might think about the future possibility to step into the international market. It is a reasonable decision if your business gains success in the local market, however there are many business myths, such as you don’t need VAT online account, or you only need a good idea ant etc. To make it more clear, we present 3 significant steps to […]

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Hiring an Attorney for a Company: What to Know?

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A lawyer and an accountant are two professionals every business should have. Why do you need that? An accountant can help you set up your “chart of accounts“, prepare all obligatory federal, review numbers, state and local tax returns. However, the reason you need a lawyer may not be so apparent. So why is it […]

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How to manage work related conflicts?

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Conflicts aren‘t welcome anywhere – not in our private lives, not in our jobs. Alas, we still have to deal with them. If the conflict is really serious, in some situations we just have to find some lawful dispute resolution in Lithuania. But in most situations, we can solve them ourselves – we just have […]